Message from Director

The holding and its subsidiaries are geared to become a HI-TECH GLOBAL LOGISTICS PROVIDER..There by living up to the organizations vision and mission to provide excellent services, to ensure cost effectiveness and to employ the latest information technology as required by the international shippers and traders in today's market. With our corporate head office in Shah Alam and branches in all major gateway ports of Port Klang Penang and as well KLIA cargo complex, MULTICARGO GROUP handles vast volume movements in the freight and logistics industry in Malaysia. The Group is also taking steps to attract customers and overseas agents to use Port Klang as a major transshipment port in the region with value added services.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our valued customers and overseas agents for their contribution to our company's business growth in the past years. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the management and staff for their undying support and co-operation throughout the years. We will undertake to become a leader in the innovation of Hi-Tech Global Logistics Provider in the new millennium. DATUK DAVID D.W. HOH - Group Managing Director DATUK DAVID D.W. HOH - The Entrepreneur and sole founder of Multi Cargo Group.

How it all began.
At an adolescent age, Datuk' David was thrown into the harsh world equipped only with his tertiary education and his strong determination and will to succeed. At the age of 18, Datuk' David was recruited as a Marketing Executive in local freight forwarding company. It was here that he picked up the "tricks of the trade", it was here that he learnt that his career and future would be in the freight forwarding line. After 2 years of sheer hard work Datuk' David finally thought he had enough knowledge and experience to venture out on his own.

The foundation years.
Having raised enough capital to start his dream, he commenced his company under the name Multi Cargo Express Sdn Bhd. With 2 staff, he strived hard to build his business, along the way forging alliances; strengthening business ties and recruiting more staff on board to make his vision become a reality. It was in David's stride to achieve his goal of becoming one of the leading freight forwarders in the world.

Building an empire.
Over the years, David saw his dream materialize. Having formed strong allies in all major cities and having set up representative offices all around the world - Multi Cargo Express Sdn Bhd, or "Multi" as David would affectionately refer to his new found empire, grew stronger over time. Once based in Kuala Lumpur and now head quartered in Shah Alam, "Multi's" fame expanded across the globe and soon became a house hold name amongst many in the industry - all attributable to one man's visualization of the future and sheer determination to turn his dream into a reality. Today at 27 years, "Multi" stands tall and proud as a group of companies - providing a one stop total logistics solution to all its customers. "Multi" has managed to diversify its services over the course of several years - now focusing on chartering of tugs and barges. With its present staff strength of 60 locally "Multi" strives to be the best of the best in providing Total Logistics Solutions to its customers - never letting any of them down. "Multi" spent its glorious 27 years with a motto close to Datuk' David's heart - "To Inspire Globally"-and thats exactly he will continue to do - to inspire many other entrepreneurs like him to strive for the best and never give up on their dreams.