Many question is ask frequently about forwarders and no exception for Multi Cargo Express and what it can offer to the partners and stakeholders. Growing with the worldwide international freight and logistics market for the pass 27 years.

We have come out with some simple answers to your most frequent ask questions.

What can Multi Cargo Express offer in terms of service to a customer ?
Multi Cargo Express being a well established logistics provider for 27 years can offer a total consulted package to its customers and partners worldwide and domestic via its resources and facilities ranging from ocean freight to airfreight total logistics to land transport and delivery.

Where does the company rank in Malaysia top logistics providers ?
Multi Cargo Express can be ranked within the top 20 international forwarders in the Malaysia base on the years of operation and the recongnition in the market.

Who leads the company ?
The chairman and managing director heads the company with its vast knowledge and experience in International NVOCC and shipping knowledge in this industry for the pass 27 years.

How many staff are in Multi Cargo Express ?
Multi Cargo Express has approximate 65 well trained professional staff in the Head Office in Shah Alam, Selangor in Malaysia and approximate 250 staff within its branches and subsidiaries in Asia and India.

Does Multi Cargo Express holds their own Bill of Lading ?
Multi Cargo Express Bill of Lading has been established and accepted in the worldwide and domestic market for the pass 27 years by shippers and consignee.

What role does Multi Cargo Express play as a forwarder ?
Multi Cargo Express not only plays a role as a forwarder to the customers. We works along with the customers as a consultant to create an efficient and cost saving shipping and logistics solution for their individual shipments. This is facilities are created with the resources within Multi Cargo Express as a forwarder in the industry for the pass 27 years.

Is Multi Cargo Express a member of the transport association ?
Yes, Multi Cargo Express is a member not only in Malaysia Forwarders Association. We are also a member of the FIATA international Transport Association.

What is the Multi Cargo Express motto ?
Multi Cargo Express Motto is To Inspire Globally meaning to create a image of global recognition in the logistics and shipping services globally.

How Multi Cargo Express retain its quality service to customers ?
In order to ensure continued quality to its service to customers Multi Cargo Express has successfully obtain and maintain its ISO 9001 2000 standard to ensure customers are well service and shipment coordinated professionally.

What are the facilities of Multi Cargo Express one can expect ?
Multi Cargo Express wide range of facilities offer you the following.
-  Ocean Freight
-  Air Freight
-  Warehousing
-  Packing and Bundling
-  Trucking
-  Project Handling
-  Worldwide Consolidation -Shipment Consultancy
-  Shipping Agency
-  Tug and Barge owner
-  Port Operator
-  CFS Operator
-  Transhipment Hub
-  Triangle Shipping Business

How well is Multi Cargo Express connected thru out the world on logistics ?
Multi Cargo Express has two offices in Malaysia which is in
Port Klang (Shah Alam)

Other parts of the world we are well represented by agency for all continents worldwide.
-  Asia
-  China
-  Australia
-  New Zealand
-  Middle East
-  Africa -Mediterranean
-  Europe
-  Canada
-  USA
-  South America