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    Here are few of the questions we get the most, if you don’t see what’s on your mind, feel free to contact us anytime on phone, chat, or email.


    Q 01: How To Track My Shipments?

    A: Our fleet of vehicles are all equipped with GPS. Drop us a call and you will be referred to our respective division specialists or just drop us your details on our enquiry page.

    Q 02: Where Do I Refer To Get A Quote?

    A : Drop us a call and you will be referred to our respective division specialists or just drop us your details on our enquiry page.

    Q 03 : Which Locations Do You Offer Your Services To?

    A : With our logistic network comprising of thousands of agents, we are certain we will be able to be your global business partner

    Q 04: What Type Of Services Does Multi Cargo Express Provide?

    A : Select your criteria under the ‘services tab(Inland Transport , Container-haulage , Sea-Freight , Air-Freight ,
    Warehousing-and-Distribution , Industrial-project-logistics , Value-added-services) and discover our associated offers.

    Q 05: What Are The Commercial Terms Of Delivery Of Goods?

    A : Refer to the latest Incoterms.

    Q 06: Does Multi Cargo Express Hold Their Own Bill Of Lading?

    A : Multi Cargo Express Bill of Lading has been established and accepted in the worldwide and domestic market years by shippers and consignee.

    Q 07: What Role Does Multi Cargo Express Play As A Forwarder?

    A : Multi Cargo Express does not only play the role as a freight forwarder to our customers but also act as your total logistics solution provider from door to door. We work along with our customers as consultants to create an efficient and cost saving shipping and logistics plan for their individual shipments.

    Q 08: Is Multi Cargo Express A Member Of The Transport Association?

    A : Yes, Multi Cargo Express is a member not only in Malaysia Forwarders Association. We are also a member of the FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders (FMFF), and Selangor Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association (SFFLA), and Association of Malaysian Hauliers.

    Q 09: What Are The Facilities Of Multi Cargo Express One Can Expect?

    A : Multi Cargo Express wide range of facilities offer you the following. –

    • Ocean Freight
    • Air Freight
    • Land Freight
    • NVOCC / Consolidation
    • Transshipment Handling
    • Customs Clearance Brokerage
    • Container Haulage
    • Door to Door Services
    • Customized Logistics
    • Barging/Bulk Services
    • Warehousing

    Import / Export

    Q 10: Do You Arrange Duty Delivery Paid (DDP) And Duty Delivery Unpaid (DDU)

    A : Our team do offer both DDP and DDU services depending on our customers choice.

    Q 11: Do You Offer Custom Clearance Services?

    A : Access our custom clearance value added services link. We do offer custom clearance services for both import and export for all countries; we are able to settle your international cargo compliance needs.

    Q 12: Do You Offer From Port To Door Service Or Door To Port Services?

    A : We do provide both port to door and door to port services, we are able to package, stuff, label, and deliver from both ends.

    Q 13: Do You Offer Personal Logistics Services?

    A : We do provide total logistics solutions for individuals wanting to export or import goods internationally and cater for house moving services.

    Q 14: Do You Provide Labelling And Packaging?

    A : Yes, our services range from labelling and packaging goods in boxes or pallets right at your doorstep or at our warehouse to transporting your goods to your wanted destination.

    Sea/Air Export

    Q 15: Do You Provide Triangle/Cross-Trade Shipments?

    A :Yes, our team can make needed arrangements for cross-trade shipments. Contact our experts or leave us an enquiry from with your details.

    Q 16: Does Multi Cargo Express Prepare ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA), ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), Or Specific Certificate Of Origin (CO) Documents?

    A : Yes, we do provide documentation services for ATIGA, AANZFTA, and CO.

    Q 17: Is A Switch Bill Of Lading (BL) Possible?

    A : Our team can prepare a Switch BL to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

    Q 18: Does Multi Cargo Provide Insurance Coverage For Our Imports/Exports?

    A : Our team do provide specific insurance coverage for your individual or business needs.

    Q 19: We Would Like To Transport Our Cars To East Malaysia, Does Your Services Cover The East Malaysia Coast?

    A : Yes, we generally transport vehicles Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) cargo ships. To get a quotation or view shipment tracking, a list of required details is needed. Please fill in your details in our enquiry page or contact one of our experts today.

    Q 20: Our Cargo Is Oversized And Odd-Shaped And Is Unable To Fit Into Normal Containers.

    A : Our team would need an exact description for us to provide you with an optimal logistics solution. Depending on your situation, either an open top or flat rack container may be used. We would also provide lashing, canvas, and waterproof tarpaulin sheets for your shipment.

    Project Cargo Logistics / Heavy Cargo

    Q 21: What Information Is Needed For The Transport Of Heavy Lift, Oversized, And Odd Sized Cargoes?

    For our project cargo logistics specialists to understand your needs and provide you with an ideal logistic solution, we need a packing list including:

    • Type of commodity
    • Quantity
    • Port of loading
    • Port of discharge
    • Dimension of cargo per unit
    • Indicative weight per unit
    • Laycan date
    • Cargo volume
    • Cargo picture

    Container Haulage

    Q 22: How To Track Our Hauler Delivery And Arrival Status?

    Contact our hauler transport experts and we will get back to you shortly. We can monitor your hauler container delivery and collection status through our efficient and effective MASLOG system.

    Q 23: When Is The Cut-Off/Closing Time For Our Vessel?

    Our customers may self-check the cut-off time for their vessels at their respective terminal systems website, they may search the closing time based on container IDs, Bill of Lading (BL), or booking reference number.


    Q 24: What Type Of Commodities Do You Offer In Your Warehousing And Inland Transportation Services?

    We are able to cater to both general and dangerous cargoes however subjected to DG class and level.

    Q 25: What Information Is Needed For Our Warehousing Services?

    Type of commodity

    • Is your cargo palletized or loose?
    • Warehousing space required (sq ft)
    • Period of rental
    • Frequency of movements of goods (SKU)
    • Do you require container stuffing and unstuffing?
    • Need of pallet supply.

    Q 26: Do You Provide Value Added Services For Your Warehousing Services?

    We do offer a range of value-added services for your supply chain needs.

    Q 27: Rework On Cargoes Include:

    • String Wrapping
    • Choking
    • Relabeling
    • Repalletizing
    • Sorting goods based on grade
    • Pick and packaging
    • Barcoding

    Side Curtain Trucking

    Q 28: What Is The Maximum Cargo Limit Your Side Curtains May Carry?

    As we are continuously investing in new fleets to meet all our customer needs, as of now, our largest cargo is a 41-footer side curtain trailer. Contact our side curtain trailer division specialist to find your ideal logistics solution or drop us your details on our enquiry page.

    Q 29: What Information Is Needed For Our Inland Transportation Services?

    Describe your needs and our specialist will get back to you immediately.

    Here is some information that we need:

    • Type of Cargo (Loose or Palletized)
    • Description of goods
    • Cargo weight
    • Cargo Quantity
    • Delivery time
    • Pick-up time


    We are your one stop total logistics provider and can tailor our logistics solutions to your business.

    Get in touch with our experts to explore our wide range of logistic solutions, from arranging special transport to managing your overall supply chain.

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