Consumer and Retail

Your total logistics provider at every stage, from raw materials to end consumer.

Fast order fulfillment, speed to market advantage amidst competitive environment, and fluctuation in customer demands are major challenges in the consumer and retail sector. It is effective inventory management practices, capitalization on digitized logistics systems, and close collaboration with its logistics provider, that allows your business to gain a competitive advantage across sale channels.

Multi Cargo Express offers the full range of logistics supply chain solutions from inland transportation to warehousing plus value-added services and we can design and customize a solution with optimal costs and quality that matches your business needs.


Be in the driver’s seat and take control of your automobiles.

With the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as autonomous driving, predictive intelligence maintenance services, and emergence of green conscious vehicles, competition would arise from unexpected players in the automotive aftermarket space. This requests automotive manufacturers to revise their logistics chain to maintain their position in a fast-changing environment.

Here at Multi Cargo Express, our experts are passionate in delivering high-quality and excellent service to all individuals and businesses. We ensure your vehicles and tyres are safe throughout its transport journey from point A to point B with careful handling standard operating procedures as we treat your vehicles as our own.

Adhesive and Sealant

Looking for a reliable and efficient partner that can provide customized solutions? Well, look no further.

Based on your business needs and expected delivery lead times, our team is dedicated in delivering you your ideal tailor-made logistics solution. Careful and proper handling of adhesive chemicals throughout its supply chain journey must always be prioritized, that’s why our experts ensure only the highest standards when it comes to adhesive chemical transport.


Where careful handling and timely delivery matters the most.

Being characterized as high value products as the industry rewards continuous innovation, it is clear that time and cost management has never been more important. With a short product life cycle, supply chain efficiency is key in establishing customer satisfaction and revenue maximization. You’re looking for a reliable logistics partner with an agile supply chain management system whilst maintaining product visibility. Our experienced team is here to help.


From sourcing raw materials to transporting finished goods, our flexibility allows us to serve various industries.

With ever changing manufacturing systems today, an agile logistics partner is needed to maintain your competitive position. Here at Multi Cargo Express, our team assures your business an optimal transport solution which covers a comprehensive range of sectors. From food ingredients, packaged fertilizers, petrochemicals, all the way to heavy machinery and construction segments, we are determined in meeting your logistics needs.

In a different industry?

We are your one stop total logistics provider and can tailor our logistics solutions to your business.

Get in touch with our experts to explore our wide range of logistic solutions, from arranging special transport to managing your overall supply chain.

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