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Inland Transport

Whether you have dry or loose goods, heavy loads or bulk cargoes, we can handle your shipment and give you the best solutions for your inland transportation needs.

Inland transport has always been at the heart of our industry and makes up a large fraction of the many logistic services we offer. At Multi Cargo Express Sdn Bhd, our professionals offer personalized services covering both Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Container Load (LTL) shipping, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time, allowing your business to gain a competitive advantage.

Besides a good track-record for timely and quality delivery, we also perform value-added activities to guarantee our customers utmost satisfaction by consistently updating technological standards in our system and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at every step of your delivery.

Benefits of our extensive inland transportation services:

  • Multiple fleet sizes and classification of transport
  • An extensive network of transport providers
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance
  • Timely pick-up and delivery
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient single point of contact.

Container Haulage

Whatever size your cargo, our range of trailers would fulfill your needs.

Haulers focuses on the transporting freight in large containers, container shipping. Our logistics specialist thrives on delivering your containerized goods while ensuring its quality throughout its journey.

With continuous expansion, our fleet consist of various types of prime movers and trailers, each with its own specific dimensions to meet our customers personalized needs. With a centralized haulage depo facility located at Northport, our operations have never been more efficient.

We are your one stop total logistics provider and can tailor our logistics solutions to your business.

Get in touch with our experts to explore our wide range of logistic solutions, from arranging special transport to managing your overall supply chain.

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